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MPM2 Settled in their new home

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

We firstly would like to apologise for the delay in this blog post however with the moving of offices we hope you will forgive us. Hopefully this blog will inform you of all we have been up to in the last month.

 The move went much smoother than we all anticipated with no major hiccups, which was a blessing. All of us are extremely pleased with the move and are settling in very well, including Bertie with his own comfy area. There is much more space than in the previous office so we can now display all of our lovely products and clothing which we are so very proud of. Our funky new flexible mannequins arrived last week for our clothing which adds something different and quirky to the office, as they are not your average shop window mannequin. They will be a fantastic focal point in the office, especially from the comfy relaxing sofa area.

 The air conditioning has formed a war within the office. Anna and I are directly under a vent so get cold rather quickly and reach for our specially branded MPM2 hoodies, but in doing so have now been nicknamed the ice queens (but I promise we do still have warm hearts!). It has become a competition as to who can switch the air con on or off without anyone noticing. We will keep you informed as to how that goes (go team Anna and Lucy!!).

 We have also got our priorities straight as we know exactly where the local bakery and chip shop is. We feel we are doing our part by contributing to Selsey’s local businesses…well that’s what we keep telling ourselves anyway.

 Our sparkling new training and meeting room is looking very professional with conference calling and big television for presentations, a great space for meeting new clients and offering a good learning environment.

 We now have a spacious warehouse downstairs to store our samples and deliveries. We have spent time carefully organising and labeling boxes so it will be much more efficient than in the old office.

 There are still some final tweaks to be made but all in all it is a fantastic working environment with a lot of exciting opportunities ahead. With the move we have been asked for some unconventional products to brand so always remember that we work to suit your business needs. Whatever you want to brand, either to fit your campaign, image or personality we will source and put your name on. The most weirdest and wonderful products are always the ones that stay in customer’s minds so is definitely worth thinking about. Just take our latest request for branded electronic fly swatters!! If it is not on our website it doesn’t mean we cannot do it!!

Photos to follow when we have remembered where we have put the camera .

We have stairs

Monday, April 26th, 2010

We are now on to week 8 of our build and we have stairs, no more up and down ladders to look at the progress, fantastic.

We are now getting so close to being able to start moving into our new home. New this week are the fantastic blue stairs we have waited a while for them but what a difference they make.

Also in this week is our nice shower room, for those mornings when we feel like being more healthy and cycling into the office.  I don’t expect these to be too often knowing the mpm2 team, as most of you out there who know us will realise we are more likely to go out for ice cream then a bike ride, but who knows.

Even the walls are nearly painted so it looks like that trip to ikea will be coming soon, all i can say is Martin beware three ladies, one trip to ikea, and your credit card.  But think of what a stylish new office you will have at the end of it all, can’t wait.

Week 6 and we have a kitchen and a new team member joing us soon

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Been a very busy time here in the mpm2 office lately, with lots to look forward to in the coming months, not only a new home but also a new member to the mpm2 team.  So we will be looking forward to welcoming Lucy in the next few months.

Well the build is coming along great We have windows, a nice shiny new cream kitchen, and also the stairs have arrived this week and are waiting to go up so no more ladders.  Even the skirting boards and doors have started to go on so reception area is starting to look great.

All together this is a very exciting time for us all, new home, new team member so watch out for the refreshed mpm2 team coming soon, with new products styles and offers.

Week Four on the build

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Well we are now onto week four of our build and we now have windows, well technically they are boarded holes at the moment but they will soon be windows, and will brighten up our top floor office space beautifully.

We have even had a request that a step be put in under one of the back windows, so Bertie the office dog can look out over the fields when he is in the office with us to stop him getting bored.  We will have to wait and see what happens with that one.

This week the electrician has taken over and has got most of the wiring done inside which is great.  Our walls are really taking shape with a quick coat of white paint and a few electrical sockets around the place, it is really starting to look like an office rather than the big empty unit that we had 3 weeks ago. 

Also this week they have put in the heating and air conditioning units, which I am very excited about as my nick name in the office has always been the ice queen, as even in the summer I can be found sat in the corner with a jumper on while Fiona is melting in the other corner with the fans on her.

So all in all its been another productive week from some very tidy friendly builders well done to you all its looking great.  We cant wait to see the finished building.

Week three on the build of our new building

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I thought i would update all of you out there that ask how are new building is coming along?  

We are now on to week three of the build and are making huge progress as you can see, we have all the flooring complete upstairs the stud work for all the walls up, windows marked out, and even a mist coat of paint downstairs on the entrance to the toilets and shower rooms.  

Although the stairs are still not in as they are away being powder coated, so ladders it is still. 

We are all very excited and have even started the decoration planning as we speak.  I think Martin is starting to worry about the thought of letting Ruth, Fiona and Myself loose on a day out to Ikea though, but I’m sure it will look fab once its done.