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Time to Think about Diaries and Calendars

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Summertime must mean time to start thinking about your diaries and calendars for the end of the year. By planning ahead and ordering early you get first pick of all designs and colours on offer. Leaving it to the last minute will only end in tears when everything is out of stock. So although it seems madness considering your promotions for 6 months time…we are only thinking of you.

If you have never considered giving away/selling branded calendars and diaries it is worth giving it a thought. These items are the most cost effective advertising you can purchase. Your customers and end consumers will be using these items for 12 months and with their eye catching colours, large branding areas and a range of sizes your audience reach could expand year on year with the demand generated.

From pocket diaries to A4 detailed organisers, from mini desk calendars to large wall calendars for the whole office to see. The opportunities for 12 months advertising are endless. Castelli and Filofax have released a range of gorgeous bright eye catching colours which hold a brand effectively. Brighten up your promotions and you could be surprised with the results.

Alternatively why not make your very own bespoke calendars with your own pictures. This is a great way of bringing some personality and familiarity to a calendar by also strengthening your brand awareness.

If you would like to discuss the possible ideas for your brand please get in touch; or 01243 604420, I look forward to hearing from you.

Classic can be Classy

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

When it comes to promotional and corporate gifts the range of products on offer is incredibly vast. The majority of the time our customers approach us asking for something ‘different’ and ‘funky’, which is great as we can be creative, but this is not the only option available. The standard classic gifts such as pens, USBs and keyrings, for example, are now seen as retro and out of date, but this is far from true. These products have stood the test of time. Computers are much more dominant in our everyday life and are taking over from our face to face communications in business. However everyone owns at least one pen, and most of the time many more. Therefore why not think about your customers and how they see your brand. By choosing a good quality pen which looks lovely and writes well you are increasing the chances of your customer keeping your pen on their desk, which is great exposure. Before the panic sets in, doing this does not break the bank. You end up spending your hard earned money on fewer items for the people that most deserve to have your pen on their desk.

This can be said for every product. People’s demands and expectations on products, services and time limits are increasing each year. So why not meet them with a really good high quality product to show you mean business? These products can still be chosen to suit your business and needs, and with a little thought you could really be out to impress.

Just come and ask us how,

Lucy :)

The Power of a Diary or Calendar

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Promotional products are a great way of raising brand awareness and building on customer relationships. However some products are seasonal and can lose their charm. To avoid this, the perfect products to invest in are diaries and calendars, as these are the most cost effective form of advertising ever!!

 A calendar whether it is on your desk or on the wall, will display your brand and company information all year round. These products are highly visible and accessible and can be tailor made with company pictures or used with complimentary themed designs to reflect your business effectively.

 These products are used every day so have a practical use as well as effective large branding areas. They are a good product to hand out to customers when visiting in the next couple of months, which will be gratefully received. Also giving to employees to use when out with friends and family to always remind and reinforce brand awareness.

 These are traditional products that look professional and of a high quality, which is the message you will want to show to your valued customers, plus we can get you some great prices!

 For more information please get in touch and we can show you some great samples to prove how fabulous they really are.

Do not neglect your marketing activities over the summer

Friday, August 6th, 2010

The weather is getting better, the office is getting hotter, business is getting quieter and summer holidays are just around the corner. This is the time of year when most people forget about the simple things that could help you stay busy, prompting those holidays to approach faster. Marketing plays an important role here in helping your company and brand stay in your customer’s minds.

 One of the main reasons behind marketing, in particular marketing communications is to engage with your audience and provoke a response from them. During the summer months there is a general lack of responses, therefore you have to work extra hard for this engagement. To do this you need to make use of every marketing tool and technique that is useful to your own business needs. Even the smaller tasks will still make a difference, so do not neglect any aspect.

 For example e-mailers and blogs are a great use of the ever increasing online media to send a message wishing everyone a lovely summer or to introduce your brand new innovative products and services (with a sales promotion attached) can influence a response. Or how about strengthening your public relations, reputation and image by organising an event from a BBQ, charity walk or full day fete? Spending time increasing your public relations will in turn pay for itself…however only if you target the correct influential people, so planning is crucial! By doing this word of mouth will do the rest.

 For any help or advice on how to add value to your marketing through branding please get in touch.

Top Five Most Cost Effective Promotional Products

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

In my opinion the most cost effective promotional product would be something that for only a  limited cost would give people an item that they would keep on their desks or in their handbags, to be constantly reminded of your company and service. There are many different products which would come under this heading the following being our top 5.

  1. Magnets/window stickers.  These can be incredibly low cost and by making sure you have a design on them that people will want to display they can be used for many different events and promotions.  Not only are they low cost but are also cheap to send through the post.  You could always try adding an extra competition by offering prices or discounts if anyone is seen to be displaying one in their car. 
  2. Pens.  These are still as popular today as they have always been, by keeping the design simple and one colour these can be a very cheap item to produce.  The best thing about them is that they are useful and so are kept.  If you looked on your desk now or in your handbag or briefcase, you would find at least one pen with a promotional message from someone.
  3. Keyrings.  These can work really well once again if the design is something that people will want to keep or if they have information on them that people would need to remember.  For instance a  phone number for a car recovery service or their local garage.
  4. Mugs.  How many cups of tea or coffee do we drink in the office in a day?  If yours is anything like ours the answer can be up to 10.  That means not only people in the office but visitors also will be seeing your message. 
  5. Calendars.  Although this item requires a slightly larger budget than the other items in my top five, it will be hung in an office, shop or home for all 365 days of the year. Plus it will be looked at more than once every day,  therefore it could actually be the most cost effective.

If you like any of the ideas above or would like to discuss any of your own please give us a call on 01243 771279