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Thinking about getting some branded uniforms?

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

If you are thinking about replenishing your company uniforms for your employees, it is definitely worth considering having it personalised with your company branding. Personalising clothing automatically unifies your employees and will create a professional sense to your business which helps build the right impression on your customers.
It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in. Whether you are wearing polo shirts, hi Vis vests or even aprons. There are different methods to branding all clothing to help you build your brand and increase awareness of your company.
Embroidery is one of the most popular methods of branding on clothing. It looks smart and automatically gives the garment the professional edge and a quality finish. You may be under the impression that branding the clothing bumps the price up, but here at MPM2 we are able to work closely with you in order to find the best clothing and branding methods at low, affordable prices.
By having personalised clothing, you are automatically getting your brand out there as it is one of the best methods of marketing. By having your logo and maybe a website or phone number printed, heat sealed or embroidered onto your choice of clothing, your employees will look unified and professional.
Here at MPM2, we specialise in supplying branding clothing to all kinds of different companies. If this is something you are not sure about, or you don’t know where to start, just give us a call and we will help you find the most cost effective, quality uniforms to help you build your reputation and professional company feel.
Below are a few examples of companies we have worked with and uniforms we have supplied that look just great!
If you would like any more information, ideas or just a chat regarding branded uniforms, just give us a call at our offices on the number below.

Thanks for reading!

Astyn Booth,

Tel: 01243 604420

Leica Microsystems Eurocup 2013

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

We have recently finished a project for Leica Microsystems over in Spain, providing them with packs of sports items for their own tournament ‘Eurocup 2013’. It began with the company contacting us via our website after viewing previous products we have supplied and different companies we have worked with.
We worked closely with them in order to find them the most relevant products that best display their logo. We have previously done a football pack for Brighton and Hove Albion, so we used that as experience in order to provide the best information, ideas and suggestions.
The end result came out brilliant! The pack included a boot bag, sports bottle, Frisbee, t-shirt, cap and chocolate footballs. All the products were white and had the Leica Microsystems Eurocup 2013 printed on them. The full colour prints really made the products stand out, especially as they were on white items.
We individually packaged the items and sent them out to individual addresses all around Europe. Overall, this project was a success and it is another great example of how branded promotional products can benefit your business by building relationships with both customers and employees by providing them with quality, branded company packs which directly involves them in your exclusive event.