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Get a Grip on Winter

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

November is upon us and although the temperatures are still on the mild side…the snow and ice will come soon enough. It is time to be prepared for the snow that seems to bring the whole of Britain to a stand still. It is time to show the snow who is boss!

We can offer these fantastic ice and snow multi grippers for vehicles and footwear. Last year the number of falls due to ice and snow rose by approx 70% on the year before…this is not a joking matter. These innovative products are an economical alternative to snow chains; they are lightweight, flexible and extremely cost effective. The price of safety has never looked so good.

With a wide range of sizes and easy fitting you will not be caught out this year. And they are easily washable so can be re-used for years to come.

Do the sensible thing and get a grip on winter.

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Christmas Cards

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Everything is turning to technology and the World Wide Web but it would be criminal to neglect traditional print. It is a treat to receive something in the post now that isn’t an invoice or junk. Company Christmas cards are a great way of keeping in your customer’s minds over the festive period, but also to show thanks to your customer’s for their support over the previous year. With at least 10p per card going to charity as well, you are also looking after your Corporate Social Responsibility. With regards to your responsibility to being green, you can limit the amount of cards you send out to make it even more special to the customer’s that do receive one.

Bespoke designs and personalised images are available with type fonts inside to suit your brand image. Christmas cards are a lovely way to end the year with a touch of festive spirit.