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Organisation is the Key

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

It is the day before your summer holiday away in the sun for a week and you are all packed with your tickets in your bag and your passport safe, after finally being found at the back of your wardrobe. You have completed your last minute ‘to do’ list buying new flip flops and suncream. You are completely ready to go. How does it feel? Great doesn’t it? There is no panicking or rushing around getting yourself unnecessarily stressed.

Think about this now in business terms. How many times do you leave things to the last minute? More than most of us care to admit I am sure. However it doesn’t have to be like this. If you take the time out to think about what it is you need/have/want to do and organise your time effectively you will constantly have that night before your holiday feeling. A week ahead think about the small tasks that are not urgent yet but you really should do before they get to that ever so familiar urgent stage. Then plot them into your calendar either on your computer or smart phone.

The next stage is where you have to get tough with yourself. As soon as a reminder pops up with one of your tasks you must complete the tasks as soon as you can. Do not just press dismiss! Hitting that dismiss button on a task is like saying you do not need to arrange spending money/foreign currency before you go away. You will soon regret it.

Being disciplined and taking control of tasks before they reach a crucial point will alleviate the stress caused. Therefore do keep this in mind when you next plan to purchase promotional merchandise. All products have a lead time with a few items as much as 3-4 weeks so please take this into consideration with your marketing plans. Remember that night before a holiday feeling and remember how good it feels…now just put it into practice!

Lucy :)