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Classic can be Classy

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

When it comes to promotional and corporate gifts the range of products on offer is incredibly vast. The majority of the time our customers approach us asking for something ‘different’ and ‘funky’, which is great as we can be creative, but this is not the only option available. The standard classic gifts such as pens, USBs and keyrings, for example, are now seen as retro and out of date, but this is far from true. These products have stood the test of time. Computers are much more dominant in our everyday life and are taking over from our face to face communications in business. However everyone owns at least one pen, and most of the time many more. Therefore why not think about your customers and how they see your brand. By choosing a good quality pen which looks lovely and writes well you are increasing the chances of your customer keeping your pen on their desk, which is great exposure. Before the panic sets in, doing this does not break the bank. You end up spending your hard earned money on fewer items for the people that most deserve to have your pen on their desk.

This can be said for every product. People’s demands and expectations on products, services and time limits are increasing each year. So why not meet them with a really good high quality product to show you mean business? These products can still be chosen to suit your business and needs, and with a little thought you could really be out to impress.

Just come and ask us how,

Lucy :)