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What Can Happen in One Visit to an Airport?

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

The proposition of visiting our Manchester office was very exciting so Kym and I jumped at the chance. It was all sorted for me to go up Monday through Wednesday and Kym Thursday to Friday. Well, that was the smoothest part of the trip. So Monday morning I turned up to the airport with plenty of time to spare, checked in and went through to departures…so far so good. This is until twenty minutes before the plane was due to leave the flight was cancelled, down to not enough people being booked on the flight. BA offered to change us to the later flight at Gatwick in six hours time, or transfer us to Heathrow via bus for a flight in a couple of hours.

The staff routes and exits were used to re-unite us with our cases again. However whilst queuing to change my ticket, the lady at the desk told me the motorway was shut so the likelihood of getting to Heathrow in time was minimal, so I took the plunge and decided to wait at Gatwick. BA was really good, giving me business class facilities whilst at the airport and vouchers for food and drink within the airport. So there I was, three hours later standing in the same queue waiting to check my bag in…again.

Before going through security I had to drink the water I purchased on the other side previously. It was a good job I hadn’t bought a litre of vodka from duty free! Whilst consuming my lovely water, a member of the BA staff approached me, gave me a luggage label then walked off. When reading the label, it turned out to be a message and read “I think you’re fabulous”. I wasn’t going to argue!

So going through security again, everything was fine up until I was putting my shoes back on and a lady asked if she can do a random swab check in my handbag. She went away to test and returned saying she had a hit….for explosives!! This was the peak of my airport experience. After being taken to a separate area, having all the contents of my bag checked and myself being searched again I was able to go through to departures with the all clear and knowing I am definitely not a lucky person. Apparently the hint they found on me is also in tooth paste and hair dye etc….surely that includes everyone!!

After my escapade we thought we would be ok, I mean how unlucky can you be at an airport. That was until Kym arrived at Manchester airport and managed to walk out through to arrivals going straight past the carousel without picking up her luggage.

Let’s hope our next business trip goes a little smoother. I hope you enjoyed reading our tale and it brought you a smile.

Lucy :)