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MPM2 Ltd on Facebook

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Facebook is one of the names we are continuously hearing more from as the social media world is exploding. This form of communicating is a fast, effective and easy way of keeping up to date with your customers, suppliers and warm prospects. It is a platform that can help you raise your profile and company awareness so should not be missed.

A Facebook business page is quick and simple to set up. You can put up office contact details, photos of recent events attended or new products available, as well as introduce exclusive special offers and interactive marketing campaigns. When a customer or prospect visits your page they can click a button to ‘like’ the page in which case they become a Facebook Fan of your company. Direct and targeted marketing could not be easier as you can message all of your fans together. Email marketing shots have reached a new level of simplicity.

Interaction and communication are key activities in social media. Ask open and leading questions to spark a conversation and form a relationship. This relationship can then build each day with constant status updates or personalised messages.

Why not upload a promotional video showing a recent presentation you gave, or examples of work and recent projects completed. Including interaction such as this will help your fans engage with your business and brand. The more interesting and engaging your page is your fans are more likely to give you good feedback and quality leads.

Make the most of this increasingly popular, free marketing service and you will reap the rewards.

Check out MPM2 Ltd on Facebook,!/pages/MPM2-Ltd/200610796622310