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Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Clothing is at an all time low with major shortages across many popular styles and colours. Due to the price of cotton increasing and the serious floods across cotton fields abroad the supply is just not there. With cotton taking 3-4 months to process there are very long delays until stocks are back up. Despite this, if you are not tied down to particular styles and colours then grab yourselves a bargain now before prices increase further. However if you do have specific garments in mind then we would advise you to order as quickly as possible after receiving your quote so as not to be disappointed. As soon as stocks are in they are being sold very quickly. So act fast and don’t miss out!

Have you heard about PACSO?

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

We would like to introduce to you a great charity in our local area and the work they do. PACSO stands for Parents and Carers Support Organisation. They are a fantastic charity that is continually helping to support the families and friends of children with disabilities. This charity strongly believes that the person comes before the disability and gives the children confidence and belief in themselves. PACSO’s work involves school holiday activity days, after school workshops and a more recent buddy programme. All of these different activities helps the children to make friends, try something new and forget about their troubles in life for a couple of hours. For example the buddy scheme helps teenagers tackle what would seem as simple tasks like crossing the road or catching a train, but to them are big milestones in life. The buddies on this scheme befriend the children they work with and inspire them to take on challenges and not to be afraid. It takes an incredible amount of courage for these children to tackle the troubles they face with their disabilities but with the help and support of the staff and other children at PACSO everything is made a little easier. The charity has one main ethos that runs through all of their work which is of inclusion. This is mainly so that children with a disability in the Chichester and Arun Districts of West Sussex can still be included in the activities offered in mainstream clubs with the support and specialised care needed. It does not only give itself to children with disabilities but also to all of their siblings. All the children from a family can come along to as many or as few events as they choose either to paint a picture or try their hand at a spot of trampolining. This is the only charity that provides this service for the siblings as well. This gives the parents and carers a break to carry out simple pleasures such as going to the gym and having a coffee, with the knowledge all their children are in safe hands.

We here at MPM2 feel passionate about the work at PACSO and want to spread the word about this charity and their good work in the community. Everything they do is for the good of the children. They deserve all the help and support the community can offer, so get on board and discover ways in which you can keep this charity’s work going.

Visit their website for more news at

Lucy x