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Chichester Chamber Go-Karting Event

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

On Tuesday 5th October 2010 MPM2 embarked on a mission to conquer the Chichester Chamber Go-Karting evening. We had a team of four all ready to go, two of which had never been on a mission quite like this so were using their brains and skill to get them through. The team was to be called ‘Breeny’s Dream Team’ however some how got changed to a more civilised ‘MPM2’ as we wanted to lull the other teams into a false sense of security. As the evening approached Anna was practising her cheerleading routine and the MPM2 team turned into lean mean driving machines.

At least that was the attitude as we entered the building. The lean mean driving machines were fast becoming more like rabbits caught in the headlights; well I can speak for myself as one of the team members as that was how I was feeling. The other teams arrived in quick succession of each other all with enthusiasm and competitive spirits. The training was detailed and thorough setting a few first timers minds at rest. The practice laps were cautious and helped to dust off the cobwebs. As the race got under way the MPM2 team got faster each lap. We ended up a respectable 6th place out of eleven teams. Now the MPM2 team has had a taste for the fast life we are ready and rearing to go at the next event. 

The Gosport Indoor Go-Karting team were friendly and looked after us all. I would highly recommend the complex. All in all it was a fantastic event organised by the Chichester Chamber of Commerce.

Lucy :)

New Line, New Colours, New Prices

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

It is time to get rid of those light cool summer clothes and update your wardrobe with some warm and waterproof comforts. You need to stock up on your thermals and woolly knits ready for the colder weather to set in.  Keep your look fresh and up to date as your team will not get a second chance at a first impression! Stay professional with smart and tidy uniforms branded to the highest quality in embroidery or print.

 Here at MPM2 we have a wide range of clothing items including a brand new range of garments in great colours including bright lime green, yellow, orange and turquoise, to suit every brand and business plus at fantastic low prices. So even if the weather is dark and miserable outside your team can glow and stand out against the grey backdrop. These items can also be washed at a range of temperatures and still do not affect the shape and quality of the product. All of this gets big thumbs up from us and is worth shouting about.

 If you do not have any branded clothing for your staff then this is a great time of year to think about it. This range is also great for clothing a re-brand campaign or themed event. It is important for everybody in a company to look the same and as a result you will feel more like a unit and work better as a team. Therefore take a minute to look at your team now and see whether the first impressions being portrayed are how you desire them.

 For more information get in touch as we have samples and prices waiting for you to be amazed at.