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Treat your customers and stay in their minds

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Everyone loves a treat once in a while, especially if it is unprovoked. Show the people that mean something to your business that you care and build up your reputation. Plus, a fantastic way of keeping in the forefront of your customer’s minds is to give them a branded gift. If the product is chosen carefully it can have a positive effect on sales revenue but also on referrals. People talk about the strange and wonderful things they receive so a quirky or controversial product will spark conversations and influence people to share your information in their social lives.

 To stay focused and liven spirits the quirkier the better! If you want to develop relationships, encourage enquiries and promote your brand, your marketing should be different from the status quo and other competitors but also enough to spark communications. These types of products can be sent to customers, employees or both. The more people that receive an unconventional branded product, the more likely they will start word of mouth and communications. I know what you are thinking now…”quirky products are the expensive ones!”…well no, this is not necessarily true!!

 Think outside the box around what your customers may need, want, or just desire and the products will fit into place. You could even put on your Twitter or Facebook page to ask what products people would like to see branded or given to them….within reason obviously so you do not get requests for super sport cars and holidays to Sydney!!

 If you need any help with thinking of products or would just like a chat give us a ring or an email.

Do not neglect your marketing activities over the summer

Friday, August 6th, 2010

The weather is getting better, the office is getting hotter, business is getting quieter and summer holidays are just around the corner. This is the time of year when most people forget about the simple things that could help you stay busy, prompting those holidays to approach faster. Marketing plays an important role here in helping your company and brand stay in your customer’s minds.

 One of the main reasons behind marketing, in particular marketing communications is to engage with your audience and provoke a response from them. During the summer months there is a general lack of responses, therefore you have to work extra hard for this engagement. To do this you need to make use of every marketing tool and technique that is useful to your own business needs. Even the smaller tasks will still make a difference, so do not neglect any aspect.

 For example e-mailers and blogs are a great use of the ever increasing online media to send a message wishing everyone a lovely summer or to introduce your brand new innovative products and services (with a sales promotion attached) can influence a response. Or how about strengthening your public relations, reputation and image by organising an event from a BBQ, charity walk or full day fete? Spending time increasing your public relations will in turn pay for itself…however only if you target the correct influential people, so planning is crucial! By doing this word of mouth will do the rest.

 For any help or advice on how to add value to your marketing through branding please get in touch.