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We have stairs

Monday, April 26th, 2010

We are now on to week 8 of our build and we have stairs, no more up and down ladders to look at the progress, fantastic.

We are now getting so close to being able to start moving into our new home. New this week are the fantastic blue stairs we have waited a while for them but what a difference they make.

Also in this week is our nice shower room, for those mornings when we feel like being more healthy and cycling into the office.  I don’t expect these to be too often knowing the mpm2 team, as most of you out there who know us will realise we are more likely to go out for ice cream then a bike ride, but who knows.

Even the walls are nearly painted so it looks like that trip to ikea will be coming soon, all i can say is Martin beware three ladies, one trip to ikea, and your credit card.  But think of what a stylish new office you will have at the end of it all, can’t wait.

Week 6 and we have a kitchen and a new team member joing us soon

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Been a very busy time here in the mpm2 office lately, with lots to look forward to in the coming months, not only a new home but also a new member to the mpm2 team.  So we will be looking forward to welcoming Lucy in the next few months.

Well the build is coming along great We have windows, a nice shiny new cream kitchen, and also the stairs have arrived this week and are waiting to go up so no more ladders.  Even the skirting boards and doors have started to go on so reception area is starting to look great.

All together this is a very exciting time for us all, new home, new team member so watch out for the refreshed mpm2 team coming soon, with new products styles and offers.

MPM2 Joins Facebook

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Its Been a Busy few weeks in the mpm2 office lately with orders, networking and keeping an eye on the builders. But we have still found time to set ourselves up on Facebook.

We will be offering you special offers you will only find on facebook as well as discounts and competitions.  So it will be well worth looking us up and keeping in touch.

Just search for Anna Fiona and look out for the pink mpm2 sign